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You see yoga retreats in Bali, personal development retreats in Costa Rica and everything in-between.

Coaches, mastermind leaders, and communities wanting to give their clients an unforgettable experience, something that separates them from the rest.

That sounds nice, but it also seems like a ton of work, and most have no idea where to even start. Both of those things can be true, but they don’t have to be.  You can make it easy on yourself and hire a company that will run the backend of the retreat, planning, pricing, itineraries, etc. or you can do it the same way you likely started your business, good old fashioned YouTube university and google. There is no wrong way, but if you’re the solopreneur type, continue reading.

Knowing what questions to ask is the first step. The most important being:

~ Why do I want to run a retreat?

~ Who is my ideal client? Is this for current clients or anyone (or both)?

~ Is this going to be international or within the states? Give yourself a few options, you don’t need to decide exactly what city now.

~ What price point makes sense for your ideal/current clients? If your clients make 70k-120k per year the price will be different than 250k-1m clients.

~ How long is ideal? 3 days, 7 days, 10 days? If you’re going international, a week to ten days is avg. but within the U.S. 3, 5 or 7 days is common.

~ Will I be the only leader, or will I bring another to facilitate? Take into consideration you will need to pay for their travel.

Once you can answer these basic questions, your vision for your first retreat will begin to come together.

If this is your first retreat, I recommend focusing mainly on filling it, to get social proof and marketing materials. Focus less on making lots of money on the front end with ticket sales. The real money from retreats is made on the backend, selling people into programs.

 I’ve helped many coaches and mastermind leaders run their first event, and without a doubt the biggest factor in people failing is pricing their retreat way too high, thinking their ideal client they want to attract will come running when they announce their $6,000 retreat. But that’s not how it works, at first.

Once you can show social proof of people getting results at your retreat, mixed with some beautiful shots to attract people looking for a vacation with the bonus of personal or business development, then you’re set.

It’s recommended to profit about $500-$1000 per person for week-long retreats. So if it costs you $1500 per person to take them, Costa Rica, for a week, the ticket price will be between $2000-$2500. As I wrote before, the real profits are in the up-sell into future programs. When someone feels connected to you deeply, they have created a bond and connection with the group and trust you, they will invest to continue the journey. Just make sure to have your invitation ready on the final full day of the retreat.

Remember to keep it fun and active. Don’t keep people locked up in the villa, retreat center or home all day every day. They came on this trip for you, but they also want to see and explore the country or city as well. One of the biggest mistakes coaches, in particular, are making is packing the itinerary so tight that people don’t have time to rest and explore. Create space for adventure and recovery, especially if you are doing deep emotional work.

Experiential learning is the most impactful way to imprint new lessons and ways of being into our long term memory. It’s much easier to make a massive impact on someone in person. It’s even better when they are already in a new place, with new people and have committed to being open, trusting you will take care of them.

Retreats and adventures can be complex, or they can be fairly straightforward. After years of helping coaches and mastermind leaders run international events, I’ve found that they usually never stop implementing them into their programs. Profit, play and making in impact never seem to get old.

If you have more questions about running events, or you’re interested in having an experienced company take care of everything I’ve talked about and much more for a reasonable price, you can find my contact info below.

Chase Boehringer

Chase Boehringer is the founder of the bucketlist lifestyle and the bucketlist adventures.

He is an international best-selling author and world record holder. He is a world traveler who takes people on retreats and adventures around the world from Mount Everest to the Amazon jungle and everywhere in between.


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