Be Present


Peace Uche



We are a product of our collective moments.
Savor each one on this Life Rd.
And ask your soul regularly:
Are you enjoying the moment?

So many decisions we must make every day. The more options available, the harder it becomes to decide. It’s a blessing to have the opportunity itself and countless blessings in multiple opportunities.

It’s important to understand that with great options comes great power. There is power in decision-making, power in taking that first step towards an opportunity without wavering. I’ve found that the more fully committed I am to a commitment, be it a meeting or event, the more I find enjoyment in being present. More clearly expressed, the more present I am and open to the experience. Making the choice can be difficult and following through with the chosen path even more tasking. But in doing so we teach ourselves to live with heart and train our minds to seek the opportunity that allows us to be the most present.

Decision-making has never been my strong suit. Here’s a trick I use to be more present: I tell myself silently, or out loud, “I’m here for a reason, so I’ll find what it is I’ve come for.” This allows connections to be made outside the mind’s indecisive conversation. You’ll be surprised what new information you’ll take in and new connections you’ll make when your mind is freed up to make them – when the mind is no longer tied up in self-critical pity.

Throughout your life, you may be told the same piece of information or advice. But you will not actually hear it until you are fully present and open to receive it. So, fully commit to your chosen option. Be receptive.

Be present in
The NOW.
For with each breath
The NOWs lapse
And become

Cheers to being present!

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