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Sylvia "America's Love Queen" Chavez



Have you ever heard your significant other referred to as your “better half”? we have! Meet America’s Love Queen Sylvia Chavez whose mission is to create a world where you do not think of yourself as half a person. Sylvia’s entrepreneurship journey started when she was speaking with a mentor expressing how she wanted to give love to the world, and her mentor responded: “You can not give what you do not have.” At that point, Sylvia did not quite understand what her mentor was sharing, but from there on, her entrepreneur path was set. Sylvia found her love of entrepreneurship through wanting to give her love to the world. Sylvia realized that she was still operating from a scarcity mindset because she was making her decisions from a broken heart. Sylvia spent the next chapter of her life healing, empowering, and redesigning herself.

Now Sylvia helps women do exactly what she did with the power of H.E.R. Sylvia’s system to heal, empower, and redesign. This is today, but there were many struggles along Sylvia’s path, but none quite as challenging as a lack of clarity. Sylvia now says if you don’t have clarity, you won’t have clients. Because this is the truth that she found as she struggled to answer the dreaded question “what do you do?” Due to Sylvia’s lack of clarity, she often responded softly and didn’t feel her answer was convincing. After speaking with her mentor, she developed a specific and actionable program that helps heal the hearts of women all over the world.

This is why Sylvia’s best advice for starting entrepreneurs is to not only have clarity in what you do but also find a mentor that can look at your blind spot and help you create the clarity you didn’t know you needed. Having someone to walk with you through any struggle, any challenge can be the difference for many between success and failure. Sylvia has spent years healing her heart and focusing her business, now she wants to help you. By being the embodiment of love, Sylvia nurtures a culture of openness and healing. Moving forward Sylvia will continue working with women, both Spanish and English speaking, through group coaching and one on ones to help those that want to feel like the whole person they truly are.

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