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When we consider financial goals, it’s not one of those items that we get excited about or it may very well be something that you fear to talk about.  Let’s see if we can make this journey to INCREASE your financial success and well being for 2020.

Let’s think of the word INCREASE…  and how we attach financial goals and prosperity to it.

You may want to INCREASE your financial knowledge about your relationship with money.  How to make it, how to grow it and how to keep it. As a society we like to make money, we love the experiences we receive through our hard earned dollar and so much more.   We wake up, we go to work, go home and go to bed. The next day we do the very same thing. So what’s it all for?

Hopefully it is for the goals that you have had in your life that you may have never thought were possible to achieve.

Save to Buy a Home – sometimes we just have no idea where those savings are going to come from, but if we don’t have a plan then this goal or dream may never happen.  However, if you begin the intent to have a plan to accomplish enough savings to buy that home, it might just happen.

Pay off Credit Cards – We as the consumer have something fancy called, “Human Financial Behavior”.  We have a love affair with credit cards to live our lifestyle above and beyond our means. We want immediate gratification and we want it now.  While you may continue to pay off credit cards, expenses continue to rise. It’s easy and convenient to charge it and plan to pay it off. Your expenses are exploding and your savings are suffering.

Think of the monthly payments that you are paying to those credit cards…   The average monthly payment on $27,900.00 at 18.9% with a minimum payment based on 4% of the balance would be $1116.00 per month.  It can take decades to pay off a credit card. Big Note, it can only be paid off if you stop using it.

It’s time to INCREASE your financial awareness and INCREASE your personal relationship with money and credit cards right now.  These credit cards are never designed to be paid off. They are designed by financial institutions and banks that want to take your wealth away.  It’s time to take action, massive action and get those credit cards paid off for good. Then live a life of abundance and INCREASE in cash flow, savings and overall wealth by having a better financial relationship with your money…

There are so many Lost Opportunity Costs that Financial Institutions, Banks, Government and your lifestyle create that are taking all of your potential wealth from you!  Don’t let this keep happening to you. Take a stand today and get educated.

Cheers to INCREASING Your Financial Success in 2020!

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