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Autumn Benjamin



Being an entrepreneur means being a badass boss. It means wearing many different hats, filling several roles, while also leading like you’re the captain of a ship that is navigating through stormy seas.

It can be one hell of a ride. That’s why we need tools to keep us afloat.

These tools can be things like getting exercise, our morning coffee, or our trusty planner. Here is another tool that you may want to add to your toolbox, CBD oil.

CBD oil can be so useful for the daily lives of entrepreneurs. It can help us in many mental and physical ways to keep us on track and be the most productive we can be.

How does CBD work?

CBD works in our bodies through our endocannabinoid system. This is one of the largest systems in the bodies of mammals and is responsible for keeping us in a state of homeostasis, CBD helps us stay in balance.

Supplementing this system with cannabinoids such as CBD can have several effects to the body and mind, to help your overall health and wellbeing.

Reduce Stress

Working hard comes with stress and sometimes can lead to an anxious mindset. This can seriously hold us back from bringing out best to the table every day. One of the greatest benefits of CBD researchers have found, is its ability to reduce stress and even enhance mood. One of the ways CBD helps reduce stress is by regulating cortisol.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced by your body’s adrenal gland. It is responsible for helping you respond to stress, among many other things. Increased levels of cortisol force your body into a ‘fight or flight’ response, which can cause mood swings and increase anxiety. By adding CBD to your daily routine, you can mitigate stress and keep focused on the real goals that lead to success.

Boost Energy

Are you reliant on caffeine to get your through the day and keep your energy level’s up? You may want to consider using CBD as your source of stable energy.

CBD has a high affinity to enhance the 5-HT1A receptor, otherwise known as serotonin. This is responsible for the elevated mood it can also help regulate energy levels.

By activating these receptors, we can feel stable energy throughout the day, without sudden declines.

Better Sleep

As an entrepreneur, going to sleep can be a struggle. When it comes to sleep – we sometimes have a hard time quieting our mind from the thoughts about work, responsibilities, and family stress, etc.

Taking CBD at night may help keep your mind calm and clear- to make falling asleep easier. It can be a great replacement for sleeping medications that often cause unwanted side effects and drowsiness.

To summarize, being an entrepreneur can sometimes mean having stress, decreased energy, and sleep problems. Adding CBD to your entrepreneurial toolbox can help you take on your day, be the best version of yourself, and bring a successful mindset everywhere you go.

Autumn Benjamin

Autumn is the co-founder of VIIA, a San Diego wellness company. She recently moved to San Diego where she has settled her roots as an entrepreneur. She studied entrepreneurship and community development at the University of Vermont and hopes to bring sustainability back into modern day consumerism.

Website: www.viiacbd.com

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