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Want to know the secret of badassery? Well, our mompreneur of the year finalist, Anne Berrera, spills her secret of being a badass mom. She’s a mother, an entrepreneur, and a content media photographer who’s worked with many influential people in the business. The competitive industry didn’t deter her from running her own business while taking care of her children and being there for her family. 

“following your passion”

For some people, “following your passion” can take a different meaning. Passion is something that is cultivated. It comes from mastering something. Instead of chasing your passion, pursue what you can be an expert at because when you master something, you know you’re good at it, get the validation or reward you need, and then come passion. For Anne, it started when her husband gifted her a camera nine years ago when they had their first child. Anne practiced not only for fun but also chased to master how to work the camera with some help from the internet. With a leap of faith, she quit her corporate job to start her own business. Anne saw the potential to start turning her passion for business when friends and family saw her work and asked her to take pictures for them. Anne knew that when starting a business, help from a mentor –someone who helps you out, guides you on how to network, market your business, etc.–is needed when starting your business. It’s 5 to 6 years now since they started their business, and often, we’re skeptical about a marriage staying strong when husband and wife work together. But, Anne proves that one could enjoy working with your husband, watch your kids grow, and do everything as a family. Did I mention she was a badass mom?

Being a Mompreneur is being Super Woman. Do you know how some s/heroes have different abilities? Well, mompreneurs have the extraordinary ability to balance giving time for her family and her business. The remarkable thing is they can reflect what they learn from the entrepreneurial side to handling family situations and vice versa. However, it’s not always smooth sailing. Anne had a humble start that shaped how she grew as an entrepreneur and as a mother. Having quit her 9 to 5, she not only had to make time to run her business–where their income solely depended on– but also had to take care of everything in the house. Getting through this by having the right mindset and the right people to lean on, Anne, her family, and her business has never been stronger.

With that said, Anne knows full well how, as a mom, forgetting to put yourself first is a common thing. It is why Anne encourages moms to follow their dreams. Wanting is not enough anymore. Pursue your dreams as if it was a relentless villain. As a mom, your family can be your power source, don’t make them your kryptonite. You have the endless capacity to reach beyond your goals, and your mindset is your secret weapon—that weapon you can use to tear through those self-doubts. 

So if you’ve read this far, the secret to badassery is never to give up. Mom’s have this resilience in them, but sometimes that wavers when faced with failures. So, giving up is not a choice. Failure is the fuel to get going in this industry. If you occasionally need to remind yourself, Anne recommends this affirmation, “You are a badass,” to get you through the day. You, yes you, There’s no one like you. You’re kicking-ass just by living every day. 

Anne’s business is pivoting towards content creation (e.g., photos, videos, audio, live streaming, etc.). If you are curious about Anne’s work and want to learn more, you can reach them through their channels listed below.

Website: http://asiximagery.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asiximagery
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asiximagery/

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