Why Meditation is Important for Self-Love


Shaline Miller



Meditation, gratitude, healthy eating, physical activity, mental wellness, and connection to the community are part of self-love. Meditation has a positive effect on your attitude towards life because it makes you take some time to quiet your mind. This helps to soothe your nerves and make you feel less stressed. Removing the negativity of stress helps you better perceive positive vibes from others and feel happy about your life and relationships. Yoga is also effective in clearing your mind and reducing the tension of stress.

Meditation gives your immune system a boost and your mind a chance to reflect on the positive things in your life. Meditation also allows you to ask your spiritual guides for help. There is a variety of meditating techniques such as concentration meditation, which is used to focus on a single point, and mindful meditation, which is used to control wandering thoughts. Meditation can help lower your blood pressure, improve blood circulation, lower your heart rate, reduce nervousness, slow your respiratory rate, reduce anxiety, and relieve stress. Meditation can also help you develop self-love in the following ways:

1. Meditation addresses the stress In today’s world, stress has become everyone’s biggest enemy. Stress promotes negative feelings and vibes about yourself and contributes to long-term exhaustion and mental fatigue. Meditation helps to ward off such negative thoughts by promoting a good sleep cycle, better nervous system health, and improved digestion. Meditation is great for relieving stress from your life and helping you discover and love yourself.

2. Mindful awareness helps you to steer clear of self-destructive habits. A meditation practice not only helps guide you into better eating habits and exercise, but it also helps you steer clear of other self-destructive habits. These can be anything from avoiding junk food to sleeping better and fending off negative thoughts. Meditation provides the mindful awareness that is necessary to avoid negative behaviors and maintain positive ones.

3. Meditation improves your self-awareness Meditation increases your self-awareness; as a result, you become more in tune with what you need to eat and how you need to exercise to keep your body healthy and promote positive vibes. Practicing good self-care ultimately helps you love yourself.

Here are a simple way to help you start meditating:

• Sit back or lie as comfortably as possible.

• Close your eyes.

• Breathe naturally; don’t try to control it.

• Then take deep breathes by focusing your attention on it and notice how your body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Observe how your throat, chest, and abdomen move during breathing.

• Notice the movement without controlling the breathing process. Start doing this for 2 to 3 minutes and then increase the duration.

Once you begin a daily meditation practice and find how it helps you, you will wonder why you haven’t tried it before now.

Remember this inspirational quote from Gabby Bernstein: Taking care of myself is a radical act of love.

Shaline Miller, CHHC, AADP

Shaline Miller is a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach focusing on clean living. She educates women 50 years and older on how to look and feel better by adding clean products and clean foods in their lifestyle. Shaline is a wellness blogger, Spirit Junkie, and author.

Website: https://finefabulousfree.blog/

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