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Daryl Hych



In school one of the first things we were taught was our ABCs. We went home excited about what we had just learned and we would say them to anyone we would run into. But the ABCs of Selling is something we all tend to shy away from. Selling comes with a Taboo and no one wants to be associated with it. However, if you think about it, everything bought was sold and everything sold was bought. Therefore, if you are not utilizing your ABCs in today’s’ marketplace you are not winning.

Sales is the most lucrative industry today and it all starts with keeping your ABCs in mind. The concept of Always Be Closing is always about “asking for the business”. If you never ask for the business how will you close the deal? I’m reminded of the story of Christopher Columbus, can you imagine him going around asking people to travel with him to a place that no one ever heard of? It is taunted today as one of the greatest sales in history.

During the average Sales Call, one should begin with the end in mind and should always consider that the sale is not what you do for you, you do it for the customer. Throughout the sales process, one should be asking or checking for clarity and understanding. I liken it to the quote, “a shut mouth will never get fed”. Asking for the business and checking for acceptance are the most critical points in knowing your ABCs. The world is shaped by people asking questions and not allowing the status quo to limit their beliefs or economic power. Norman Vincent Peales’, “Power of Positive Thinking” is built on the principle of asking simple questions and making major impacts on society. Therefore, if you don’t know your ABCs by now, this is a good time to “ask” someone for help..

Daryl Hych

I was born in E. St. Louis, IL the last of 13 children. I have been married for 23 years 3 girls and 3 boys. I joined the Navy at age 17 and I have been in and out of Active Duty Navy 3 times in my life. I am quickly bringing my long tenure to an end later this year with 20 qualifying years of Honorable Service. Over the course of the last 30 years I have owned and operated several businesses, from a cleaning company to a coffee shop, to a financial advisor and over the last nearly 8 years recently a New Business Consultant. I have my BSM from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wi. The Switzer Hych Group, founded in 2012 named after my father and I focus on helping remove the frustrations the new business owner will have in starting their business. Our team of advisors takes a “shut up and listen approach” to helping those business owners succeed. We also run three major programs within the firm: Uniform to Suits, Youth Entrepreneur Start-Up (YES-U) and Making Opportunities Via Entrepreneurship (M.O.V.E.) Each of these programs are all a part of our Entrepreneur Think Camp platform training and developing new business owners.

Website: www.switzerhych.com

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