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Sheri Hendrickson



Do you ever find yourself wondering how you would ask somebody for help if you needed it?

I can say from experience that you’ll never know if you don’t simply ask. Most often you’re guaranteed a yes or a no answer! It’s when you don’t ask at all that will leave you wondering endlessly… What if? I wonder? Should I? ASK!!!

There is power in asking I have found because it unlocks others thought potential’s. People genuinely want to help when people ask them for it. For me the power of ask is worth it because I’m asking for a hand up not a handout. I am speaking about my own personal experiences with asking people for something or asking them a question.

Out of the box
Ask Solution

In an organizational context, I find that the right question is the one that is most suited to the situation. The one that challenge the assumptions and disrupt the status quo. The one that might seem obvious but no one is willing to ask it. I am sure you can think of many examples of how asking the right question could have changed the fate of a project, product, company or perhaps the course of someone’s life.

Too much focus on finding solutions rather than discovering the problem. Even when we shift our focus to discovering the problem, we may not know the right question(s) to ask. This could be because we have not considered the questions we need to ask. If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.

Try this: When everyone is trying to focus on solutions, try to step back and ask a question to the group. The one question you almost always need to pull out when things get murky is what is our goal? Questions such as “what is the problem?” might not be the right one at this point since often times we have not yet figured out the problem or there might be a combination of problems that we need to investigate. Another good one is what could we try? and last but not least is what’s the next step? 
 The environment discourages individuals from asking questions implicitly or explicitly. Perhaps it will stir up conflict even though conflict can be healthy but that’s a topic for another day.

Bear in mind that you need to raise awareness and educate others about conflict so that a culture of inquiry is promoted and encouraged.

Lack of preparation and ‘deliberate’ practice are key. Here’s an exercise for next time you are in a conversation or meeting, try to pay close attention to the number of times someone asks a question. Remember, it is not just about asking a powerful question, it is about asking the RIGHT question. What is the question that you need to ask right now?

Sheri Hendrickson

San Diego Native Entrepreneur & Global Expansion Leader with Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles, “XHL” is an emerging company, Sheri is on a mission to change and save 1 billion lives. She is doing this by helping people reclaim their health & wellness across the USA concerning the Twin Epidemics of Diabetes and Obesity! Sheri enjoys entrepreneurship! As a young child at 7, she became a sales girl selling kool-aid! Now, she enjoys expanding the young stallion company in a healthy revival. She is giving people some hope and change, with the World’s only Certified Low Glycemic Functional Product Line.

Website: www.SheriHendrickson.com

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