Because You Never Know


Carla Pereira



Like there is a saying in my country that says: “Who has mouth goes to Rome” and the worst that can happen is you listen to a “No” something normal that all of us had heard before.

In this saying – Rome represents your final destination, the goal you are seeking and back then was the capital of the world and hard to get there if you were from far away because you could get lost or never find the right route .

If you never ask you will forever be in doubt and recreating in your head all hypotheses of what could have happened but you will never know the answer. Only questioning, talking, asking can we enrich our knowledge, learn new things and certify that what we know already is the truth because there’s always someone who knows more than us and someone who knows less than us and that is why we need to challenge our truth and be open to learning, relearn and only then we will achieve our answers and clarity for our mistrusts .

For example, the commercial space that I rented for my business had a horrible, old fashion carpet that was not functional or aesthetically appealing, especially for a sewing and design atelier, but I still lease it and said nothing about it because I was afraid to ask the landlord to change it in case he said no or I could create some disagreement between us, so I kept living with that hideous carpet for a few years .

One day we were at a meeting for contract renewing and the magic words came out of the property manager: “ there is something else you would like to ask ? “ and the question came flying out of my mouth without thinking: “ Can we change the carpet ?” To my big surprise, I heard a simple uncomplicated “Yes” and the whole story and vision I had of this situation till now changed in seconds. In less than a month, I had a beautiful new hardwood floor, modern, easy to clean, appealing to the eye, and updated the whole space being much more suited for this business.

With one simple question, I changed the years of torment and ugly floor and all with one simple question of 5 words. The new charming hardwood floors I can say was my Rome, the destiny I wanted to achieve and I was so hesitant to ask with the apprehensiveness of something I was only doing in my head.

So all I can say is: Just ask ..because you never know!

Carla Pereira

Carla Pereira is a tailor , seamstress, dressmaker , fashion designer with a Fashion and Textile Design degree from Portugal .She opened Tailor Love in San Diego where you can take your clothes and we will help you tailor or redesign them so they will fit you perfectly and you can feel amazing . It is more than tailoring , it is Love.

Website: www.tailorlove.com

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