Don’t Go it Alone


Alex Johnson



What did the lone ranger, the dark knight, and Allen Iverson all have in common? While each had some success on their own, but ultimately failed on their own and in the case of Allen Iverson, never accomplished his goal of an NBA Championship. What would the Lone Ranger and Batman be without Tonto and Robin (or the Justice League for my other fellow nerds)? Be it folklore, comics, or real life, each example provides the same lesson, don’t go it alone.

The Power of Ask is a truly remarkable skill to learn and underutilized. So, what’s holding you back. The fear of rejection? You feel you will be seen as incompetent if you can’t do it on your own? Because you don’t really want change or too proud to ask? The challenge of not asking for help will only stall your progress and allow the situation to become more dire. Well it’s time to get smart!

Let’s take relationships. Think about how often are you’re in a social setting and you see an attractive person across the room but do nothing. It seems many people these days are too shy or believe the other will make the first move and you go another day without meeting the person of your dreams. Well if fewer and fewer people are initiating first contact and you build up the courage to go say something, wouldn’t just that simple act stand out? You don’t need a cheesy pick up line, be dressed in the latest fashion trends, or let’s face it because you’re thinking it…money. They call it a wingwoman/wingman for a reason. Grab a friend and go make life happen!

Now let’s look professionally. Few, if any, great business leaders did it all alone. Jobs had Wozniack. Warren Buffet was mentored by Benjamin Graham. Zuckerberg had Eduardo Saverin and numerous others throughout Facebook’s rise to social media dominance. Think of companies themselves and how they partner or contract out marketing, public relations, staffing and countless other areas of business. A good idea becomes great when you share it with others and incorporate their feedback. Asking other business professionals for help can be flattering and ultimately one of the best ways to become successful.

Whether it’s your personal or professional life find a mentor, ask someone who’s had similar success, and/or even find just a friend to help you begin maximizing your true potential. Don’t go it alone!

Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson is a former Iowa farm kid turned networker. He’s an event producer, live events consultant, podcaster, and mentor. Alex is Founder & CEO of the world’s first fan-focused fantasy sports convention Fantasy Sports-Con and Head of Sales for local event ticketing company Ticketsauce. His passion and excitement motivates others to be the best at whatever they do.

Website: fantasysportscon.org

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