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Sarah Smith



Sometimes in our business it is hard to go for the ask. It’s crazy how we get caught up in our own head thinking all these different scenarios that could happen. Like, what if they say no? What if they don’t want to talk to me ever again, or what will they think of me? Or we let ourselves decide for them and say, They don’t want to talk to me, they’re too busy. Or they don’t want what I have to offer. Maybe it’s not right for them.

We can’t be the one deciding for them. They deserve the chance to make that decision for themselves. And what if they do say no?! It’s ok! It doesn’t hurt us and we can just move on the next one. These thoughts are just the voice of fear lying to us trying to keep us in our comfort zone and from getting hurt.

Our brain is just like an overprotective parent trying to protect us from getting our feelings hurt from those potentially bad situations. But when we decide to not listen to that fear and just ask, it’s amazing what can happen. Sometimes just opening our mouth and mentioning to someone what we do can open up opportunities!

Just the other day I was in a situation like this. And because I decided to go against the voices in my head telling me not to and just ask, it turned out to be exactly what she was looking for and had been for years! If you don’t offer your product or services, you might be denying someone their life made easier or something they have been searching for. And believe me, if you don’t seize the opportunity while it’s in front of you someone else will. Also, the power of asking for things in life will often times surprise you.

Don’t just take everything that happens with a grain of salt. If you don’t like it, ask for something different. I have even asked my credit card company to reverse late fees and interest charges, and they did even though I was clearly in the wrong for paying it late. If I hadn’t asked I just would’ve had to pay the fees and that was that. You never know what the other person is going to say or do so there is no harm in asking, nothing is lost if they say no but so much could be gained if they say yes! So I challenge you, next time the situation arises, just ask and see what happens! Don’t let fear hold you back! Ask and you shall receive!

Sarah Smith

I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant and pastry chef. I love to make people happy and change their life through Mary kay and sweet treats.
Website: www.marykay.com/ssmith98604

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