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Catalina Andrade



My hands are sweaty, my heart is speedy, my breathing is shallow. My mind is saying take a deep breath! I listen. I relax my body with breathing and essential oils to refocus on my purpose of why I am here.

This was me, 5 minutes before a business presentation. Yes, I teach people to relax with breathing and other holistic approaches and yet I do get nervous when I go in front of people to ask for a sale or referrals. I am human. I have my own fears and demons, but I know my holistic techniques very well that I can overcome them.

As a businesswoman, I had to work a lot in my mindset to recognize my fears and where these fears where truly coming from. My biggest fear was having people say NO to my business, to my ideas, to myself. I just felt, people were not interested in what I was offering. At the same time, my family, coworkers and friends were asking me for holistic wellness advice. The usual asks of what a good breathing technique is to relieve headaches to is a smoothie better than a juice. Answering their questions was easy, it always is. No sweaty hands, or shallow breathing, because I am in my helping mode. I get such pleasure when I share my wisdom with others.

I might still get nervous before a presentation, but now instead of thinking that people will say no after my business presentation. I prepare myself before I go out by thinking of how my services add value to women’s life and how I teach them to create a healthier lifestyle for them to thrive. I take a deep breath. I smile to myself. I’m ready to take on the world.

Catalina Andrade

Catalina is a Holistic Health Practitioner with 20 years experience. She now focuses on teaching meditation while using healing energy, crystals and aromatherapy making her meditations an experience for the mind, spirit, and body. As a vegan, she also loves to talk about healthy eating and the pleasure of living a holistic life.

Website: www.wholebella.com

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