The Power Of “Ask”


Flor I Ayala



You would never think that “asking” could be a superpower. A superpower that can be used to your own advantage. That also doesn’t harm anyone but yourself, if not used when needed. Two out of three people miss an opportunity just by not asking. It’s not selfishness it’s self-care.

In fact, we all have it inside of us. It’s that voice that tramples over questions that aren’t yet answered. That same voice that sometimes talks fear onto us all and doesn’t allow us to see how much simpler life can truly be. Love yourself and don’t be shy. The answers are out there.

The power of “ask” is a beautiful power we all can obtain when we are fearless, ready for answers, and want a way out of any tribulation life is yet to bring. Don’t be scared just ask. If you don’t; you might never know. Let your voice be heard and without a doubt ask.

Ask for an opinion, ask a question, ask for information, and always, always ask for help. Any question is valid and you are not wrong. Many doors shall open if you seek for answers. Never hold back from what you are searching for, all because of fear. You deserve to find the right way, the right answer, and the best help. You are not alone. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Flor I Ayala

Hello, my name is Flor Ayala, I am a twenty-one years old, young mother from the city of San Marcos. I love to write about positive, educational, and inspirational topics. I’m full of personality and charisma. I believe I have a lot to bring to the table. All I need is an opportunity. 🙂

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