The Power of the ASK: How one simple phrase can transform your life


Patricia Rundblade



Let me ask you a question; why is it that most people are afraid of asking for what they want or need in their life? Many people think they shouldn’t have to ask people to do things, they should just know what to do. Others feel that asking will make them look like they don’t know what they are doing…seem stupid, ignorant, or lacking necessary knowledge, which would then cause them to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

It seems that as people have grown up, somewhere in each of their lives was a moment in time when they asked a question and the response it generated was the opposite of what they were expecting. For many asking was no longer an option because the fear of rejection became too great to bear. There they sit; no questions, blocked by fear from accessing what is needed or wanted.

Lou Holtz once said, “I never learn anything talking. I only learn things from asking questions.” Asking is such a powerful act of being present. It is the most potent verbal exchange any one person can have with another.

Asking a question to another person: is a fundamental act of creating feelings of importance. Everyone has a desire to feel important, either consciously or subconsciously. takes the people involved to the expected thing to be realized. is a conversation opener.

This three-pronged view brings each person into the moment and the topic at hand. So, why is it still difficult to ask for what you want or need?

As a society, we have genuinely stopped seeing, hearing, listening, and ultimately just being. People have become disengaged and have great discord in their lives. They’ve become cynics. They’ve stopped asking questions of importance to one another. They’ve grown unwilling to believe anyone or allow them to get too close. As a society, in order to become agents of positive change, we must openly see the people who are important to us, and with whom we can connect.

How can one simple phrase transform any area of your life? By rebuilding the links that connect people. By transforming the way we speak. By transforming the way we ask. By transforming the way we listen. By transforming how present we are – prepared to be there and nowhere else, even if only for a brief moment. A Chinese proverb says, “When a question is posed ceremoniously, the Universe responds.” So, when someone asks, the other answers honestly. Somehow, at that moment, they are both validated, thusly transforming each of their lives.

Patricia Rundblade

As an Entrepreneur, Life Mentor, and Author, Patricia strives to help her tribe shift and improve their relationships with money and self love to develop greater levels of self-wealth. Her clients experience amazing growth through using unique and innovative strategies and processes to maximize each point along their transformational journey.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/patriciarundbladea

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