The Secret Success of the Ask; Inspire the YES!


M.C. Levergood II



There is one indispensable item of entrepreneurism that on any successful path; The Ask!

How we proceed to a sale or connection begins with this simple action. Such a simple natural thing, yet so difficult to perform for many. Regardless of all the knowledge you possess, what plan you enact or desire you follow, without the Act of the Ask, nothing will develop for your business.

Energy is everywhere in the universe and your events. Energy focused on a vehicle for business to become successful is power. Power begins with The Ask, the focus or all intention into your offer. The Ask merely opens the door to perform your service or sell your product. Why Not inspire the Yes!

As desperation fills the time and space of our business marketing when would now be a good time to end our insanity? Too often, we fall into an emotional reaction as business declines. Instead of hounding or pleading, take a fresh new tactic and inspire. This is accomplished with a mindset shift before you meet or call a potential or returning client. Let go of all adversarial thinking! Relax and envision the receptive nature of your ally, your client. Engage in enrollment conversations that establish or strengthen rapport.

Know your service or product! Does this actually and authentically meet the need of the potential client you are meeting? If not, find out what they need, want, and find a service that does satisfy the need.
Meet their authentic and genuine concern! Care more for their satisfying result than they do! Truly listen to their challenge to see how you can be a solution together.
Talk with them! This a fellow human being with whom you desire to work to resolve issues and see success. Establish a sense of community that fosters solutions instead of combat.

Why would you expect someone to work with an enemy? As we foster rapport in every sales call or meeting, we change the landscape of business and the dynamic of sales becomes inspiring! Inspire everyone compatible to answer Yes to your offer with a simple connection. This allows them to see you at your best because you first see them at theirs!

You have the power to inspire with enrollment conversations. Forgot the hard sell adversarial model you do not like to receive and focus your intention energy into cooperation. This mindset brings the Yes you need to hear from those you seek to develop a lasting relationship. Inspire the, Yes and we all succeed!

M.C.Levergood II

As a transcendence facilitator I AM honoured to serve Innovative, Dynamic Entrepreneurs for the past few decades. I bring forth the deep secrets in those ready to change, develop and express this energy within everyone. Authentic Accountability Agreements engage your inner desires, dreams and demons, allowing you harness power you hide from yourself.

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