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Who says that you can’t Be a mom and an entrepreneur? That chasing your dreams, as a mom, would lead to sacrificing time with your family? Well, I would say that you can design your life to achieve your goals while raising a family. A perfect example would be our featured Mompreneur Carolyn Bishop. She is a business coach, a nationally recognized leader in the direct selling industry, a former teacher, wife, and a mother of 2. Carolyn has found the perfect balance to run her business and raise her family at the same time. 

Carolyn has been married for 18 years and has two kids– a son (14) and a daughter (12). She worked as a high school teacher but as much as she loved imparting her knowledge to her students, Carolyn knew that her income would not be enough to pay off her student loans and provide for her family’s needs. So, she took up a side hustle to work in Direct Sales; as Carolyn developed and grew her leadership skills in working in the direct selling industry, her passion for teaching seeped through her work. Carolyn discovered that she enjoyed coaching women on how to balance entrepreneurship and having a family. 

When will you have time for your family?

As a mother, Carolyn knows the struggles women face when they chase their dreams as entrepreneurs while raising a family. Often, when women decide to pursue a career, it is met with a question of “When will you have time for your family?”. Then comes the guilt because you are shifting your priorities away from the family. The biggest challenge for mompreneurs is to be equally successful in running your business and making time for your family. To overcome this challenge, Carolyn saw to design life as an entrepreneur and family person by getting in touch with Who You Be and get a clear sight of what you want to achieve. Carolyn has designed a path in her life where it reflects her strengths, skills, talents, desire, and the things she enjoys.

For mompreneurs out there, one piece of advice that Carolyn has is to get a Coach. A coach is someone who you can have a conversation with, someone you can throw your ideas to and get some feedback. Someone who helps you view your struggles from a different perspective. Carolyn emphasizes that following a recipe for success does not mean it will lead you to success. It is why having a conversation with a coach is essential because they have achieved what you want to achieve, and they can help guide you on your path to having a successful business while prioritizing your life. 

If you were to ask Carolyn about a quote she lives by, it’s “imperfect progress always beat procrastination.” We all struggle with procrastination, so we keep postponing tasks to do, maybe because we’re just not feeling up to it. The longer we defer from our job, it gets harder to do because it gets more overwhelming and so taking a step to do it, whether you’re doing it right or not, is still progress–imperfect progress it may be but, you have done the work, you’re either going to learn or love the results. Take that one step, so you can feel that one win. That one win builds confidence and eventually leads you to win life.

Carolyn Bishop has made a significant impact and inspires women–moms that they can be more, whether it be an entrepreneur, a mom, or both! Carolyn runs a boot camp where she’s coaching women to get a 5 figure monthly flow while keeping their lives a priority. They’re not just coaching life. They’re coaching YOU as an entire being. If you want to reach Carolyn, you can visit www.carolynbishop.com/bootcamp


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  1. Richa says:

    Carolyn is amazing woman and coach. I have seen, in the short amount of time I have known her, that she truly makes a difference and empowers women entrepreneurs.

  2. BECK says:

    Carolyn is totally inspiring and makes me feel as though I can accomplish anything. Such a positive motivating brilliant and cheerful soul! Absolutely love her energy and zest for life!

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