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Carlos Hernandez



It is said to be that one of the deepest urges a human being has is the desire for a feeling of importance. Whether that feeling of importance comes in a sense of receiving true and genuine attention by being loved and or being honestly appreciated it is this desire that shapes and builds a life today tomorrow and forever. In fact, it is the feeling of importance that led to the creation of today’s living civilization. It is the feeling of importance that just about separates us as human beings from every other living creature here on earth. It is this same desire that makes you the person that you are today and the person that you will become tomorrow.

Now I want you to gently close your eyes and ask yourself, as a child how did I receive this feeling of importance? Now as you open up your eyes, I want you to take a minute to think about your answer. Now I am going to ask you this, how did this urge, this desire, for a feeling of importance affect your childhood? How did it influence your life? How did this desire take part in the shaping of the life that you’re living today? They say that without adversity in one’s life, one will never become the person that they were meant to be. It is completely true that there are things we cannot change, things we cannot control. Things like death, illness, and every other unfortunate event which we simply have no way of avoiding. Yes, adversity might be necessary for building a good sense of character and a chance upon survival in such times that we live in today but by accepting life as it is as humans, not only do we limit our personal growth but we also fail to take responsibility for not taking into consideration that there are things that which we can change. As humans, you all hold a key to making this world a better place. Imagine all the great miracles you can achieve by simply being a true and genuine human being.

Imagine all the things you can change all by simply giving someone the great gift of feeling genuinely important. Whether you express it through love, acceptance, attention, sympathy, compassion, kindness, or affection. Today you, yes you! Have the power to make the future a better one. Not only for yourself but also for the generations that are to come. Instead of simply condemning the ones among us, the ones we love, let us try to understand them. Let us try and figure out how we can serve and fulfill that feeling of importance that we all greatly desire. Anyone can criticize, anyone can condemn, and complain. It takes great responsibility and great self-control to be able to serve, to be able to understand, and to be able to forgive. The truth is we all have the power to change somebody’s life, we all have the power to make a difference, we all have the power to make someone happy by simply giving a true and genuine feeling of importance.

From my own personal experience I can say that I sure wish someone would have done this for my father, sure wish my father would have done this for me. Do I hate him for it? Never. Maybe my life would’ve been a better one. Maybe I would have never of had to seek that feeling of importance in a gang or in engaging in criminal activity. Maybe just maybe I would have never found myself behind bars and the reason why I don’t hate my own father is because I understand that his own father never made him feel important. He never made him feel genuinely loved and or truly appreciated. My father simply didn’t know how to provide me with those needs because such needs were never provided to him. I do not hate him, in fact I genuinely love him so much because I know that regardless of his own understanding, he always tried his very best to express his love for me in his own little way. It took me many years to understand and to forgive but in many, many, many ways I thank my father for the wonderful lesson he has taught me. I now understand just how important it is to genuinely make someone feel important. It is a gift that holds great power and with such great power, comes great responsibility. For today it is my responsibility, my duty as a fellow human being to finally break this dark and negative cycle by sharing the importance and such knowledge and understanding with you and with the rest of the world. Together we can all make a difference. Together we can all make a difference. Together we can all make a better tomorrow. Together we can rise, for if we do not unite, divided surely we will all fall.

Carlos Hernandez

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