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A foodie with a penchant for success in the culinary arts, Chef Lauren Lawless and her growing passion for food continues on, leading her to be the celebrity chef she is today. She’s always loved food because food brings people together. Plus, it’s a good way to start a conversation and a great way to create beautiful memories. Lauren’s love affair with food started by cooking alongside her grandmother but she would also watch a lot of cooking shows like Julia Child’s, Iron Chef, Two Fat Ladies, and read books, magazines, anything she can gain knowledge from. Though Chef Lauren is self-taught, she has years of hands-on experience all while cooking with her family and creating memories she will cherish for the rest of her life. 

Chef Lauren always dreamed of being in a cooking competition on television because of her competitive nature. Taking the first step, she decided to quit her job in sales after seeing a casting for MasterChef. It was a struggle at that time because the current company she was employed by wouldn’t let her leave but she was dead set on quitting so she could join the show and she made it to the top 40 out of 34,000+ contestants! She actually made it to the first episode! Unfortunately, they didn’t air it but she got to meet some of her idols like Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez, Christina Tossi. From there, she became a private chef and now she owns a food truck and a catering company.

Her food truck is something that brings a fresh perspective on street food and the mobile food industry. Called the Flawless Cuisine, it’s a tapas food truck located in San Diego with small plates from all over the world that offers global cuisine. They’ve got Italian, Mexican, German, French, you name it. Their innovative menus consist of Pancetta Fried Rice, Korean Chicken Wings, and Chicken Tikka Masala Grilled Cheese with Mint Chutney. Some of the bestsellers are Crab Cakes, Empanadas, Avocado Toast, and Crepes. Chef Lauren aims to do more of a fine dining on wheels experience for the foodies out there.

Self-made Celebrity Chef

Working in the food industry can be very challenging. Especially for someone like Chef Lauren who is also a mom of two. She’s worked her ass off for the past five years to get to where she is. Consistently putting her name out there by participating in different events and appearing on multiple platforms helped her establish herself. She has had magazine articles written about her, appearances on radio shows, and on the news as well. Besides her appearance in MasterChef, she has also appeared on Travel Channel’s Best in Food as well as the Food Network’s Supermarket Stakeout where she won the grand prize. She is also part of the upcoming season 19 on Hell’s Kitchen which will be aired on January 20, 2021. She’s gained a lot from that experience, especially learning from mentors like Gordon Ramsay, whom she had cooked with twice already. There were other mentors too but she believes the key thing to success in her career besides the mentorships is practice and repetition.

After all the hard work and having a burning desire to strive for greatness, she definitely gained her well-deserved recognition in this competitive industry. She did however get some help from her boyfriend when she was just starting off her career as a chef. He let her quit her job and took care of everything for a while. She admits it was a bit of a rough time, but it all paid off in the end.



Inspiring the world one plate at a time

Things weren’t always great for Chef Lauren. As a child, she was a domestic violence survivor. She experienced sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. Growing up with a sister with cancer was tough for the family already but it was worse also having parents who were alcoholics. Her mom actually shot and killed her dad when she was 10 years old. She recounted these past experiences in her Autobiography/Cookbook called Flawless Cuisine: Inspiring the World One Plate at a Time. In her book, she shares stories and recipes that she had incorporated over the years and grew to be her favorites, just like cinnamon roll sundaes.

She wrote a book not only to share recipes but to also inspire people with her story. She hopes that her resilience and perseverance can somehow touch lives. Although she started out in a problematic environment, she was able to rise above her circumstances, in hopes that other people too can do it too. Now she owns a catering company, a food truck, and she’s a privet chef working 14-17 hour days. All while juggling three jobs and being a fantastic mother, she continues to be an inspiration even off-camera.


Future Plans and Aspirations

Chef Lauren is opening her very own steakhouse called Lawless steakhouse hopefully in the coming year. She is currently collaborating with a friend to put together a business plan for that and she envisions it to be an extraordinary fine dining experience. While it was already tough for her to run a food truck, she imagined a lot of work overhead. However, she believes that being organized and dedicated to her craft will push her through. Above all, having a good team behind her is very essential to make for a successful business. 

The ultimate goal for her is to be able to build an empire that she could leave behind for her family. For example, turning her food truck into a franchise, or opening multiple restaurants. She also envisions publishing her next cookbook. She currently has a working title called Fashionably Food where she plans to do a very Vogue high fashion style but for food. Her current book, Flawless Cuisine: Inspiring the World One Plate at a Time is available on Amazon.

And finally, getting her very own show on a food network, travel channel, or the likes is something she looks forward to achieving in the future. She loves being on television! Don’t forget to visit her website, https://www.flawlesscuisine.com where she posts all her upcoming events and you may also follow her on Instagram: @chef_lawless.


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