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How can the word “Impact” change your life?  Can it be for the positive?  

I believe that most people view the word “impact” as a negative effect of something happening to them that was not expected.  I think we can all agree that 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic has had an “impact” on all of us.  Has this “impact” been a negative experience, or have you chosen to find the positive in it?  

I am a Financial Advisor and the “impact” of money and finances I have seen through the eyes of most people has been largely fear and anxiety more than confidence and strength.  We teach our clients to have a better relationship with money and deal with it straight on. To become educated, learn their options, and set themselves up for success.  

I find that having a firm financial foundation can have the biggest impact on your ability to find success in your financial life. Is your financial foundation in order?  Do you have a financial foundation that is built on a house of sand or a house of rock?  Are you prepared to adapt to changes impacting you during these pandemic times?  Do you feel confident?  Or is there still a fog of uncertainty about your career, job, business, or family?  We are in a time of change due to the impact of all the events that are happening in and around our lives.

Financial success is not built on speculative investing alone for what you feel might be a market opportunity. You owe it to yourself to take charge of your financial life and your relationship with money.  If you don’t do it, no one will do this for you.  

If you feel that you need to have a conversation about your relationship with money and your finances, now is the time to take action and the first step is talking to a qualified person that will help you build a firm financial foundation and help you on your way to Financial Freedom and Success.  You deserve the best!  Take care of and educate yourself.  It’s your time and we are here to help create a positive impact on your life!

Elisabeth Dawson

Elisabeth Dawson is the founder and president of Copia Wealth Management & Insurance Services, an organization that provides financial and insurance advising with education to help her clients achieve their desired wealth goals. Unlike other traditional financial planning firms, Elisabeth educates and counsels her clients through every financial task and decision in their lives. With over 20 years of experience, Elisabeth is more passionate than ever about helping as many people as possible to achieve the dream of their own ideal future and exceed their expectations for a secure retirement. Elisabeth is also the author of “Wealth By Design”, and has since launched Copia Productions. She hosts the podcast, “Ways to Love Your Money”.

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