How To Crush “I Need More Time To Think It Over.”​


Paul Ross



One of the most annoying BS objections you’ve probably heard is: “I need more time to think it over.”

Today I’m going to give you a word-for-word answer that will not only CRUSH this ridiculous stall and smokescreen.

It will also put your prospect in a very suggestible state where they will, on the subconscious level, experience an almost child-like desire to be led by you.

It’s based on a principle from therapeutic hypnosis called, “the pattern interrupt.”

The basic idea here is that humans think, feel and react in predictable patterns.

When you interrupt a pattern, you create a temporary window of suggestibility through which you can create a new way of thinking for your prospect, and therefore a better decision.

(And remember my #1 lesson: You Are Never Selling Your Product Or Service. You Are Always Selling Decisions And Good Feelings About Decisions!)

Here is the patter to leave the objection in tatters.

“I need more time to think it over.”

Them: “I need more time to think it over.”

You: “Can I ask you a question? Have you ever taken a long time to think something over and it still turned out to be the wrong decision?”

“Maybe it’s not about time, but about the clarity you need to recognize a great decision is being made.”

Can you see how this response would put your prospect on “suggestion stun” and leave them open to the implied suggestion that they do want to move forward-they just need the clarity to do so.

Now, that clarity can be about anything, to be sure.

Maybe they don’t see the ROI.

Maybe they don’t understand the terms.

Maybe they need a significant other to sign off on the buying decision.

But using by using this response, we put them on hold long enough to smoke out the REAL objection.

And as Mr. Rogers always used to say, “Whatever can be mentioned, can be managed.”

Now who are you or I to question Mr. Rogers???

I invite you to joyfully experiment, note your results, and enjoy the benefits of using this technique.

To your success,


Paul Ross

Website: www.speakerpaulross.com

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