How To Get Off Your Big “Butt”​ And Make The Sale


Paul Ross



If there is one thing guaranteed to shut down your prospect or client, it’s to create the perception that you aren’t listening or appreciating what they have to say.

This is especially the case when they bring up an objection or challenge to a point you are making.

One word that is guaranteed to create this problem is “but”.

Now, if you have already had a heated discussion with a significant other (and who hasn’t?) then you know what it’s like to feel “butted”.

“Oh, I see your point dear, BUT I’m the one who drives the kids to daycare blah blah blah.”

Now, when we “but” our prospect, what happens?

They feel disrespected, unheard and shut themselves down to what we have to say.

At that point you may as well be talking to a wall.

Instead let’s substitute in the subtle word “and” to create the perception of being heard, and thus an openness to seeing things in a different way.

I’ll give you some sample dialog to illustrate.

Prospect: “It doesn’t look like that fragistat would interface well with our gotchgotchgoody.”

You: “Well, I understand your concern, Mr. Prospect AND may I ask your permission for just a minute of your time to share with you a different way to see it?”

Now, you’ve acknowledged his concern, without buying into it or taking it as his last word. 

He feels heard and open to seeing a different perspective.

And, in case you didn’t catch it, we used another subtle word, “share”.

We didn’t say “show” you a different way.


Because “show” is something we do to someone.

“Share” is something we do with someone, so it implies a relationship of trust.


Not too shabby for two simple words.

As Mark Twain once said, “The difference between the right word and the wrong word is the difference between the lightning and the lighting bug.”

Go make some lightning and crush your sales.

~ PR

Paul Ross

Website: www.speakerpaulross.com

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